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Zacatecas Mexico Travel Guide will provide you with info and advise to select this colonial city as a destination in your next Mexico vacation.

Zacatecas Mexico Travel Guide - About

Zacatecas is a beautiful historic city capital of the state of the same name. It is located in the Central-North part of the country, 600km (380 miles) Northwest of Mexico City.

Zacatecas is famous for its Historic Center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its history and architecture.

The City Center has typical narrow streets, alleys and plazas where you can walk and admire its beautiful pink limestone buildings, and baroque architecture.

Zacatecas was one of the most important gold and silver mining towns in colonial times and today you can still visit the Eden mine.

Zacatecas City is in the middle of mountain terrain with an average altitude of 2,440 meters over sea level, which makes the yearly average temperature 16 degrees Celsius (relatively low compared to the rest of Mexico).

Zacatecas old bullfighting rink * Zacatecas old bullfighting rink now a hotel.

Zacatecas Things to Do

There are many things to do in Zacatecas. Below we have gathered the top activities and places to visit:

Visiting the Historic Center is a must do. Here is the list of the most important colonial buildings in and around:

  • The Cathedral (La Catedral) is the best representation of baroque style in Mexico.
  • The Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno)
  • Ex-convent of San Francisco (Ex-Convento de San Francisco)
  • The Fernando Calderon Theater (El Teatro Fernando Calderon)

Visit the old bullfighting rink which is today a beautiful hotel.

Go up to the view point located in "Cerro de la Bufa" (Bufa Hill), and get on a cable car that crosses the city at a hight of 85 meters (280 feet).

Tour the Eden Mine on a train that covers 600 meters (1980 feet) of underground tunnels.

Zacatecas Dinning and Nightlife

Zacatecas is really not known for a wild nightlife, but there are fun discos, nice restaurants and bars where to spend the evening. Zacatecas is not a city overcrowded with tourist from other countries so the places you visit will have the local atmosphere.

It is also worth saying that in Zacatecas, as well as in most medium size cities of Mexico, there are all kinds of places, from the fun and popular rodeos frequented by the working class to the elite bars and gourmet restaurants attended by the upper class.

An option you want to consider is to have a walk in the Historic Center, listen to the bands playing in the streets, and end up the evening in a traditional Zacatecan restaurant.

You will find great places where to eat in Zacatecas Mexico. Here are some typical food recommendations :

  • "Asado de Boda" (wedding BBQ),made out of pork loin and a red ancho chilies sauce, usually served in weddings.
  • "Birria de Chivo" (stewed goat)
  • "Pozole" which is a soup made out of pork with chilies, oregano, onion and other spices.
  • "Cocadas" a coconut sweet.
  • "Ate de guayaba y membrillo" made out of guava or membrillo and candied.

How to Get and Move Around in Zacatecas Mexico!

Zacatecas receives regularly scheduled flights from major cities in Mexico, and from a selected number of cities in the US (Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA).

To move around in the city and nearby places we recommend to take taxis, public transportation or rent a car. Taxis are relatively inexpensive. Renting a car is a good idea in this part of Mexico because you will most likely want to visit other towns around. Just keep in mind that you may struggle since signaling is confusing in Mexico. The best way to get around is to get directions from somebody.

Around Zacatecas there are other colonial towns worth visiting, and relatively close. Here are a few; Aguascalientes is 130km (80 miles) South, San Luis Potosi is 180km (110 miles) Southeast, San Miguel de Allende is 300km (190 miles) Southeast, and Queretaro is about 350km (220 miles) Southeast.


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Where to Stay

In Zacatecas you will find anything from five star hotels to budget accommodation, but it will not have the huge beach type resorts. The choice is yours depending on your budget and travel preferences.

Zacatecas Mexico is a beautiful colonial destination in Mexico thanks to its architecture, history and culture.

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