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Cancun Weather Forecast

In this "Weather Cancun Mexico" we'll give you the weather info and tips for your trip to Cancun.

Cancun's weather is ideal for a beach vacation. You can enjoy the beach, and swim in the ocean in any season of the year. Average high temperatures are always above 80°F (27°C). There will only be about 35 days in a given year where temperatures will not hit the 80°'s F.

Regarding rain, you will find that during May, June, and September there will be more days with rain, although this is not a big deal because rain only lasts for an hour or two and usually during the afternoon.

Cancun Hurricane Season

Weather in Cancun is only affected by two phenomenon: hurricanes and nortes.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean (Atlantic Ocean) run from July to October (sometimes hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean could start early in June or end late in November). Most years, hurricanes or tropical storms (the name for hurricanes with slower winds) will not hit Cancun, and seldom you will have a hurricane pass directly through Cancun or the Mexican resorts in the Riviera Maya.

Nortes is the term that Mexicans use for cool winds from the North that blow along the Gulf of Mexico from the North to the South.

Average Temperatures

Here is a detail of the average temperature ranges in Celsius and Farenheit if you are concerned about specifics for your Cancun vacation.

Cancun average temperatures in Celsius Cancun average temperatures in Celsius

Cancun average temperatures in Farenheit Cancun average temperatures in Farenheit

Cancun Weather Forecast

Cancun's weather is somewhat unpredictable; the rain comes and goes relatively quick except when there is a tropical storm or hurricane. Even when the forecast says that there is a 50% chance of rain, it does not mean that it will last or that it will be like that throughout Cancun. As mentioned above, normally rain will come in the afternoon and last for an hour or two, then... sunshine again!

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