Spring Break Cancun

Are you looking for a fun place to spend Spring Break? The best thing you can do is to spend Spring Break in Cancun? Well Cancun is THE destination for spring break. It is located in the Mexican Caribbean with amazing beaches, a great atmosphere all day, and the best night clubs.

About Spring Break Cancun

A year away from the Mayan prophecy, Cancun comes up again as the ultimate destination for this year's holiday. The city has got everything from archaeological sites to the best nightlife in latin america.

So, what makes this Mayan city the best pick? I would say it's dreamworld ambience. Magical white sands, crystal water, beautiful weather, fun and intense outdoor and indoor activities and last but not least, top of the line nightlife for every pocket.

There are just too many things to do in Cancun. From every kind of aquatic activity like boating excursions and jet-ski jungle tours in the Nichupté lagoon (the opposite side of the caribbean sea) to the mayan vestiges of El Rey in the core of the hotel zone.

Where to Stay for Spring Break Cancun

Cancun funin Spring Break Cancun fun in Spring Break

But first things first, accommodation should be a priority you want to settle before arrival. Price, quality, amenities and of course, location are to be taken in consideration. Whether you are thinking of saving as much as possible or not, there are two main hotel locations in Cancun:

  • City's downtown (the cheapest) and

  • The zona hotelera (spanish for hotel zone/ not as cheap but quite affordable) which is nearest to the beach and the nightlife.

Given the nature of spring break, hence I'll emphasize in hotels located in the latter.

Spring break should be about no worries so I got your back covered and looked only for hotels with an all-inclusive treatment, budget and student friendly, beach front and within the walking radius of Cancun's nightlife.

Those would be dear spring-breakers:

  • Dos playas (amazing beach),
  • Cancun Palace,
  • Me Cancun by Melia (best staff you'll find) and
  • Be live Cancun (party resort).
  • If you don't care about distance and you are willing to take a short bus or taxi ride then Be live Palm Beach (with a bikini beach bar) and
  • Solymar Cancun.

Provided hotels are not your thing, then you shall look for Salvia beach-front condos which are really spacious and are located in the zona hotelera as well.

What You Must Know for Spring Break Cancun

Cancun hotel zone is located in the Kukulcan Avenue which is 25 km long, you'll also find here shopping malls (La Isla, Flamingo, Forum, Kuculcan, Caracol, Las Americas, etc), restaurants, clubs (Coco Bongo, The City, Dady O, Dady Rock, Bulldog, etc) and bars (Corona Bar, Dos equis Bar, Lucky Monkey, etc.).

As it is really easy to get around, transportation such as taxis and buses are very cheap. Every kilometer and half of it are marked by the side of the road so there's no way you'll get lost. Just remember the km designation of your hotel.

Cancun Spring Break Cancun Spring Break

Remember that Cancun is a top destination for spring break so book your holiday on time and prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience!

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