San Luis Potosi Mexico

San Luis Potosi Mexico is a beautiful colonial city, capital of the state of the same name located in the central Mexican high plateau.

The state's topography vary in heights between 66 and 8793 feet (20-2680m) above sea level so you will find a variety of climates to enjoy different activities.

The Sierra Madre Oriental Mountain Range runs from the Northeast to the Southeast, while extensions of the Sierra Gorda de Guanajuato Mountain Range cross from South to North, forming and shaping a wide range of valleys and plains. The capital city is set at 6,102 feet (1860m) above sea level.

About San Luis Potosi

The state of San Luis Potosí has four different regions and each one is very unique:

The Central Region, with its proud and beautiful capital city, is an example of a modern city integrated with its past that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Potosino character full of culture and traditions like cuisine, music, dance; a mix of pre-Hispanic and religious festivals which unravel a whole new world to discover.

The Altiplano Region, is made up of deserts transformed by the hands of man into beautiful residential communities like the enigmatic mining towns. Here, you will discover the diversity of animal and plant life, the rural landscape and the oasis emerging form natural springs.

The Middle Region will captivate you with its unique beauties. Thanks to the presence of the Pame culture, the towns here evoke legends and cultural expressions that have left their mark in many places of this region.

In the Huasteca Region, you can admire majestic mountains, waterfalls full of crystalline blue water, rivers and valleys where you can admire different and beautiful shades of green.. This region is nestled among ancestral towns and keepers of ancient traditions demonstrated in the archeological vestiges of many ruins.


The temperature in the city of San Luis Potosi, the central and Altiplano regions is cool and dry. Its climate is hot and sunny most of the year with low humidity, and low annual rain fall. Average highs are very comfortable year round from 80 to the 95 Fahrenheit (27 to 35 degrees Celsius), and average lows from 25 to 55 Fahrenheit (-4 to 13 degrees Celsius).

The Huasteca region is a completely different story with high humidity and high temperatures thanks to the rain forest.

San Luis Potosi Light Show San Luis Potosi Light Show
Taken from the State Goverment Site

Things to Do in San Luis Potosi Mexico

There are different activities depending on the Region where you are…

Central Region

For people who wants to discover the richness of the capital with a very luxurious stay set among fountains, gardens and the distinctive aroma of quarry-stone, full of harmony and peace.

  • Visit the 7 old barrios (neighborhoods) of San Luis Potosi with their historic churches and monuments.

  • Visit the historic center with beautiful monuments and squares (plazas) like El Teatro de la Paz, or Plaza Fundadores. Simply enjoy folkloric Mexico while walking on its alleys with ambulant vendors of food and toys.

  • Famous churches

    • The Cathedral

    • El Carmen with gold coverings on its walls

    • San Agustin

    • San Francisco

  • Take a trip to Cerro de San Pedro where an old mine still exists with interesting ruins, flora and fauna.

  • Tangamanga Park is ideal for hiking, jogging, or playing any sport. Very close you can also find Museo Laberinto for Children to enjoy how things work. First world museum!

Altiplano Region

Places to visit

  • Real de Catorce is an old mining town located about 2.5 hours drive from the capital city. The place is a romantic, mysterious and historic place with great restaurants and inns.

    Real de Catorce San Luis Potosi Real de Catorce San Luis Potosi

  • Visit Matehuala, the third largest town in the state with a beautiful Cathedral Replica of the Cathedral in Lyon France.

  • Matehuala Cathedral San Luis Potosi Matehuala Cathedral San Luis Potosi

  • You can discover the magic of the Potosi desert practicing your favorite sports

    • Cycling

    • Rock climbing ATV

    • Camping

    • Rappelling

    • Mountain excursions

    • Spelunking in caves

    • Photographic safari (by horse or aboard a tireless all-terrain jeep named "willys")

    • Visit the cultural historic route of the "Huichol people"

    Middle Region

    In this region there are beautiful landscapes and water ways.

    • La Media Luna is a fresh water lagoon where people practice scuba diving. Here you can enjoy all the natural lakes and landscapes that characterized this region

      • Swimming

      • Scuba diving

      • Snorkeling

      • Camping

      • Rappelling

      • Cliff diving

      • Kayaking and Rafting

      • Spelunking

    Huasteca Region

    La Huasteca San Luis Potosi La Huasteca San Luis Potosi

    Places to visit

    • Explore fairytale-like places such as "Las Pozas" in Xilitla or "El Puente de Dios" in Tamasopo.

    • You can practice all those activities in the middle of amazing waterfalls and impressive landscapes full of nature, magic, and adventure

      • Swimming

      • Camping

      • Rappelling

      • Scuba diving

      • Spelunking

      • Kayaking

      • Cliff jumping

      • Rafting

      • Snorkeling

      • Cliff diving

      • Kayaking and Rafting

      • ATV

    San Luis Potosi Mexico Dining and Nightlife

    San Luis Potosí night life varies depending your preferences, it offers discotheques located in the residential area of the state and many luxurious bars and restaurants around where you can enjoy good food and drinks.

    But I have to mention that going to San Luis Potosí, requires to visit all of the typical Potosino Bars over the center of the capital, all of them famous for its gastronomy and cultural ambience favored by the amazing views of different cathedrals, lights and impressive gardens full of fountains and people from all over the world.

    How to Move Around in San Luis Potosi Mexico

    Located in a region equidistant from Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City, San Luis Potosí is a versatile city that offers all the necessary services for the comfort and ease of its visitors.

    It is located in the center of the Mexican Republic. It is perfectly connected by car, driving into different railways. Also the International airport in the city of San Luis Potosí provides you connection with many parts of the world and a big number of direct flights going and coming from Mexico City, Dallas, Houston and Chicago, as well as various railway networks.


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    Where to Stay in San Luis Potosi Mexico

    In terms of accommodation in the capital, there are many options that range from the economical to the luxury and sophisticated. Hee are some of our recommendations.

    • Westin ****
      It is a luxury hotel with Mexican architecture. Definitely the best place to stay in the city located in the residential area.

    • Camino Real ***½
      Great hotel with free entrance to sports club located in the residential area.

    • Holiday-Inn Hostal del Quijote ***½
      The best known hotel in San Luis Potosi, with excellent food, close to the industrial area, but far from downtown.

    • Hotel Museo Palacio De San Agustin ****
      Luxury, hotel with traditional decoration in downtown with excellent food.

    For other areas of the state, the best thing is to ask locals.

    The Mexican city feeling makes San Luis Potosi Mexico a destination to explore real colonial Mexico. Also San Luis Potosi is the perfect place for business thanks to the extensive industry.

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