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In this Oaxaca Mexico hotels page you will find helpful tips to find the perfect hotel in your visit to this beautiful city.

Down to the southern part of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean clinches the gorgeous state of Oaxaca and its 521 municipalities. It is best known for its indigenous people and their culture. Most numerous groups include the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs.

Hotel Camino Real Oaxaca Hotel Camino Real Oaxaca

Alcalá Street and the main square of the city (zócalo) of Oaxaca hold the majority of attractions in the capital. These amenities include the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (cathedral), Museum of Contemporary Art (MACO), Rufino Tamayo Museum and the Mercado 20 de Noviembre (market).

Tourists are attracted to the Central Valley region of Oaxaca attracts and the archeological site of Monte Albán as well; while the coast offers sandy beaches from Puerto Escondido to Huatulco, most surfers will be found at Zicatela beach. Ecotourism is a perfect choice at the Lagunas de Chacahua National Park.

For more information about Oaxaca visit our Oaxaca Mexico Travel Guide and our Oaxaca Culture page.

Staying in Oaxaca Mexico Hotels

Whatever the budget or length of your stay, there is a huge range of quality Oaxaca Mexico hotels for you to choose. I have made a list of the best ones based on price, location and convenience.

  • Hotel Camino Real Oaxaca

    Hotel Camino Real Oaxaca Hotel Camino Real Oaxaca

    This hotel is a superb Spanish Colonial property with best in class taste, and excellent service. The hotel used to be a convent. It has consistent high marks in the reviews around the Internet. It is cetrally located, just four blocks from the main square zocalo.
    Average Price: 150 USD

  • Casa del Sotano
    Located far enough from the noise of the Zócalo and Santo Domingo but yet a short walk to both. This hotel claims to be your "casa" for the holidays. Casa del Sotano will get you a magical rest and 24/7 service by the attentive staff. Delicious breakfast included and pure Oaxaca coffee anytime.
    Average Price: 70 USD

  • Hotel Casa Vertiz

    Hotel Casa Vertiz Hotel Casa Vertiz

    Economic and large comfortable rooms centrally located a block away from Santo Domingo make of Hotel Casa Vertiz a perfect alternative. It is most nice and clean, and you can enjoy the charming atmosphere in every hallway and its lovely garden too. With friendly staff, peace is at ease in this complex.
    Average Price: 60 USD

  • La Casona de Tita

    Hotel La Casona de Tita In Oaxaca Hotel La Casona de Tita in Oaxaca

    Prepare to pamper yourself at what it's called the prettiest resort in Oaxaca. Settled in a traditional Mexican home consisting of 6 guest rooms, it is small but cozy. Contemporary design is in total balance with mexican details and a great selection of beautiful pieces of art from local artists. A wonderful natural light and black-out system is to be loved.
    Average Price: 150 USD

  • Casa de Siete Balcones, Casa Oaxaca, Hotel Aitana and Casa Los Frailes are pretty, comfortable, quiet and provide many services, rate fares start at 65 USD.

  • If you are not that much into special treats but still you like attention and a nice, tranquil stay I recommend: Hotel Posada del Centro, Parador San Agustín, Villa María and Hotel Trébol which have an average rate fare of 50 USD.

  • Clean, charming but most important, really cheap and providing necessary amenities is Hotel Azucena de Antequera which rate fare starts at 16 USD.

Cheap Hotels by the Breeze in Huatulco Mexico

  • Marina Hotel and Resort in Huatulco is a gorgeous hotel with Mediterranean style in the Santa Cruz bay. It is close to downtown and a few steps away from the beach. Dreamy balconies and red tile frame a spa, a water sports club, a couple of pools and a restaurant.
    Average Price: 55 USD

  • Mision de los Arcos (45 USD) and Casa de los Angeles (35 USD) are some other great choices to consider when chilling at Huatulco.

Information About Oaxaca Mexico

If you are planning around the summer holidays, you shouldn't miss the Guelaguetza or Fiesta del Lunes del Cerro (Festival of Mondays at the Mountain).

As for the weather, climate in the state of Oaxaca varies due to altitude but rainy season precedes all of the regions in the summer and early fall. Nevertheless, average temperature is about 18ºC except, of course, near the coast.

Oaxaca is a mystical place, it is relatively isolated from the rest of the country and hides an infinite quantity of secrets. Within its gastronomical assets we find the "seven moles", chapulines (grasshoppers), tamales in banana leaves, tasajo and mezcal. Handcrafts like alebrije figures and typical pottery (barro negro and the green glazed potery of Atzompa) are available in local tianguis (markets).

We certainly hope you find in Oaxaca Mexico hotels the best hospitality that Mexico offers.

Virginia Cordero

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