Beach Mexican Holidays and Vacations

Beach Mexican Holidays provides advice to choose your best beach place in Mexico. If you want a classical touristic destination, you can choose between the Caribbean, the Pacific coast or the Baja California Peninsula. There are also great beaches all along the Gulf of Mexico, but the number of hotels/resorts and the facilities are not as well developed. This page will give you a variety of options by location then; you can dive into the details, advantages and disadvantages by clicking on each place.

In all beach touristic destinations you will find common activities: parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, fishing, waterskiing, biking, golf and tennis. Other activities such as kayaking and surfing will vary per location.

If you are looking for an adult mexico vacation, you will also find excellent resorts and all kinds of activities.

Caribbean Mexican Holidays

The Caribbean beach is probably the most popular touristic destination in Mexico. They have the nicest beach and sand in Mexico and they are among the best in the world. The sand is thin and white and the water is turquoise. It is an excellent place to scuba dive or snorkel.

Near by, there are other natural attractions such as a biosphere reserve and nature parks. You can also find archeological sites close enough to make a day trip. For example: Tulum and Chichen Itza. The Caribbean beaches in Mexico cover from Cancun to the border with Belize.

Caribbean Tulum Tulum in the Caribbean beach

Here are the most popular destinations in the Caribbean:

For information about their location see this Yucatan Peninsula Map

Pacific Coast Mexican Holidays

The Pacific has world class resorts built side by side with truly Mexican towns (and cities like Acapulco). The beaches in the pacific are not as nice as the Caribbean beaches, but they are still great. The Pacific towns allow you to experience the Mexican way of life a little bit closer. You can stay in a premium resort or in some places you can stay in a rented house or apartment to save money.

Ixtapa beach Ixtapa beach

Here are the most popular destinations in the Pacific Coast from North to South:

Baja California Mexican Holidays

The Baja California Peninsula is very popular with the rich and famous. It is the closest beach place from the US, and it caters for the premium visitor with some of the best Golf courses and resorts. You can find resorts and places to stay for all budgets, but activities are a little more expensive than in other beach places in Mexico. It is also famous for whale watching trips.

Los Cabos Mexico Los Cabos Mexico

Here are the most popular destinations in Baja California:

Gulf of Mexico Mexican Holidays

In the Gulf of Mexico resorts are not developed yet. If you want to spend a holiday in a beach completely out of the tourist crowd and you are the adventure type, this is the place to go. Along the coast you will find kilometers of virgin beaches. You will also find fishing towns.

Gulf of Mexico beach Gulf of Mexico beach

Asking around you will find fisherman willing to take you for a ride, to each fresh oyster, skiing with your own equipment or even fishing. In bigger cities there are hotels, in smaller towns you can find a place to camp or sometimes modest accommodation can be arranged.

Here are the biggest cities in the Gulf of Mexico:

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