Mexican Currency

The Mexican currency is the Mexican Peso. In this page you will find the current exchange rate, tips on where to exchange money, how to recognize the coins and bills and other useful info.

The Mexican currency symbol is the same of the US dollar $, and the Mexico currency code is MXP. Sometimes you will see MX$ instead of $ to differentiate it with US$, and sometimes they add MN at the end which stands for "Moneda Nacional" or National Currency.

How to pay

In Mexico, prices will be in pesos except in some touristic destinations where certain things will be quoted in US dollars and in pesos. As a rule of thumb, when paying using cash, is better to pay the local establishments in pesos because the exchange rate that they apply is not favorable for other currencies.

Is best to pay using a credit card whenever possible. Credit card companies do offer competitive exchange rates on purchases. However sometimes they apply a foreign exchange rate fee, but this is more common with debit cards than with credit cards. Check with your card issuer or try it and check your transaction on your bank's website over the Internet.

Traveler cheques are accepted in Mexico. The most common traveler cheques denominated are denominated in US dollars, Euros or Great Britain Pounds.

Where to exchange Mexican money.

If you need some Mexican money in cash, the best advice is to use your debit card in an ATM. You will get charged a fee from the local bank of about US$1 to US$3 plus a fee from your local bank. The exchange rate is very competitive when using ATMs. Probably the best compared to any other way of exchanging money. Pull from the ATM as much money as possible so you don't have to pay the fee as many times. Just keep in mind that there is a daily maximum amount that can be pulled out.

If you have traveler cheques or cash in other currencies and want to exchange for pesos, here are your options:

  • Exchange in a local exchange house. In Spanish they are called: "casa de cambio". Here you will most likely get the best exchange rate because they need to be competitive to stay in the business.
  • In a local bank. They will have competitive rates, offer great service, and you won't have any issues finding one.
  • In your hotel. The rate will probably will not be as good though.

Places where not to exchange Mexican currency:

  • Avoid exchanging money in your country of origin. They will not have a competitive rate because the Mexican peso is not an extremely popular currency around the world so banks out of Mexico do not keep a lot of cash in pesos.
  • In the airport exchange houses because they have a captive market so their rates will not be as competitive. At the airport you can either find an ATM or go ahead and exchange as little as possible to pay for the taxi or local transport.

Exchange rate

The Mexican peso is a "free floating" currency as most currencies in the world. Find below the exchange rate provided by an external source.

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Mexican Money

Find in this section the most current bank notes in circulation. The bank notes are sophisticated in their security characteristics and some of them are made out of plastic for durability.

20 pesos Bill

20 Pesos Bill
Don Benito Juarez(1806-1872). Became president of Mexico in 1858.

50 Pesos Bill

50 Pesos Bill
José María Morelos y Pavón, who in 1810 joined Miguel Hidalgo's independence movement.

98 Pesos Bill

100 Pesos Bill
Nezahualcóyotl, poet and king of Texcoco.

200 Pesos Bill

200 Pesos Bill
Writer Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1651-1695).

500 Pesos Bill

500 Pesos Bill
General Ignacio Zaragoza, who as commander of the Eastern Army confronted the French in the 5th of May battle.

1000 Pesos Bill

1000 Pesos Bill
Leader of Mexico's independence movement, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

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