Leon Guanajuato Mexico

Leon Guanajuato Mexico is a typical colonial city in the center of Mexico with beautiful buildings and famous for its leather and shoe industry.

Leon Guanajuato is located in an area of Mexico called Bajio which means lowland. It is a cultural and industrial region. Other cities in the Bajio region are Salamanca, Silao (where GM has a manufacturing plant), and Irapuato.

About Leon Mexico

Leon Guanajuato Mexico is not particularly famous for its tourism, but due to its relative large size, Leon has many things to offer. Put Leon in your plans when traveling in the center of Mexico!

The city is surrounded by industry and shoe factories which makes it very active economically. There are conventions and trade shows all the time which drives a lot of business people traffic.

Also in Leon, you will find shopping centers, flea markets with great leather items and also top notch restaurants and bars.

As many other cities in this region of Mexico, Leon will have monuments, beautiful churches and old buildings as you explore downtown and surrounding areas.

The average temperature in Leon Mexico is 70° Fahrenheit thanks to its topography which makes its weather very comfortable in any season. In Winter the temperature will be cool with an average high of 80°F (27°C) and on average as low as 40 °F (4°C). In the Summer the temperature will be between an average high of 95°F (35°C) and an average low of 55 °F (13°C).

Leon Guanajuato Mexico Leon Guanajuato Mexico

Things to Do in Leon Guanajuato Mexico

Historic and Touristic Places

In Leon you can explore some of the historic and touristic places.

  • Pedestrian Zone - Zona Peatonal
    Historic Center

  • Culture House - Casa de la Cultura
    Located in Vista interior Portal Delicias s/n. Plaza Fundadores. Zona Peatonal. (477) 714 3350 y 716 9865.

  • Doblado Theater - Teatro Doblado
    Located in Pedro Moreno 202, Zona Centro. Tel. (477) 716 4301, 716 4742 y 714 0325

  • Leon Stadium - Estadio Leon
    Located in Blvd. López Mateos Ote. entre Vasco de Quiroga y Olimpo (Feria León)

  • Bullfighting Ring "The Light" - Plaza de Toros "La Luz"
    Located in Rodolfo Gaona s/n Col. Plaza de Toros. Tel. (477) 7126684 (Info) .

  • Metropolitan Park - Parque Metropolitano
    A protected natural park located in Presa del Palote. Tel. (477) 717 2908, Open from 06:00-20:00

  • Zoo Park Leon - Parque Zoologico Leon
    Located in Presa del Palote. Tel. (477) 717 2908, Fax 717 3086. Open from 06:00-20:00

  • Triumphant Arch in Heroes Avenue - Arco Triunfal de la Calzada de los Heroes.
    Located in Calzada de los Héroes, Zona Centro.


Churches which enrich the city.

  • Templo y Jardines de San Juan de Dios
    Altamirano y Rosas Moreno, Barrio San Juan de Dios. (477) 714 4269.

  • Catedral Basilica
    Alvaro Obregón esq. Hidalgo, Zona Centro

  • Templo Expiatorio
    Madero 721, Zona Centro. Tel. (477) 714 2096

  • Templo de Inmaculado
    20 de Enero 208 esq. Alvaro Obregón, Zona Centro.

  • Templo de Nuestra Señoea de los Angeles
    20 de Enero, Zona Centro

  • Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
    Alvaro Obregón, Zona Centro.

  • Oratorio de San Felipe Neri
    Primera calle de 5 de Febrero, Zona Centro.

  • El Calvario
    Cerro del Calvario.

There are also shopping centers and markets to explore around the city where you will learn more about the leather industry that has made this place its industrial center.

Leon is a beautiful city where you can shop, visit historic places or maybe learn Spanish.

Leon Guanajuato Mexico Dining and Nightlife

There are number of restaurants that you can enjoy that go from casual to fine dining.

As most cities in Mexico, Leon offers all kinds of restaurants when it comes to dinning.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants:

  • Panteón Taurino
    Calzada de los Héroes No. 404 Tel: 713.49.69

  • Brasil 2000
    Blvd. Campestre No. 42 Tel: 717.78.50

  • Romanza
    Blvd. A. López Mateos No. 1102 Plaza León Tel: 719.80.00

  • El Rincón Gaucho
    Prolongación Calzada de los Héroes No. 103 Tel: 718.72.35

Like in most places in Mexico, nightlife does not really start until about 11:00PM and goes on until early morning with some places closing around 6:00AM.

How to Get and Move Around in Leon Guanajuato

Traveling to Leon Guanajuato by air is easy because there are many scheduled flights thanks to the economic activity of the region. Usually there will be flights from major hubs in the US (Houston, Dallas) and from Mexico City.

Another way to get there is to take a tour around the center of Mexico by road. It is in the geographic center of Mexico and there are many beautiful colonial towns. Here are some of the most popular.

Other popular destinations within reach are:

If your only destination is Leon, the best is to move around by Taxi. If you want to explore, definitely rent a car.


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Where to Stay

There will be all range of prices when it comes to accommodation. There are the big international chains and there are also the budget hotels. Here is a list of the most popular hotels.

  • Crowne Plaza Leon ***½
    Blvd Manuel J Clouthier 245 Leon, GTO 37150 Mexico

  • Radisson Poliforum Plaza Hotel ***½
    Blvd Adolfo Loppez Mateos 2611 Leon, GTO 37530 Mexico

  • NEhotel Nueva Estancia ***
    Nice hotel 15 minute walk to downtown with excellent recommendations.
    Blvd Adolfo Lopez Mateos 1317 Leon, GTO 37260 Mexico

  • Mision Comanjilla
    Hotel to relax with SPA in Silao. Closer to the airport.
    Congregacion Comanjilla S/N Silao Silao, GTO 36270 Mexico

  • Fiesta Americana Leon ***;
    Good hotel with some complaints from guests
    Blvd Adolfo Lopez Mateos 1102 Oriente Leon, GTO 37270 Mexico

  • Holiday Inn Convention Center ***;
    Well recommended hotel close to the convention center.
    Blvd Adolfo Lopez Mateos 1501 Leon, GTO 37270 Mexico

  • Holiday Inn Leon **½
    Close to downtown.
    Blvd Lopez Mateos 1308 Col C Leon, GTO 37270 Mexico

The modern town atmosphere combined with the colonial monuments and unique shopping experience, makes Leon Guanajuato Mexico a perfect destination in Mexico for the tourist that wants to know more about real Mexico.

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