Kayaking Mexico!

Kayaking Mexico Rivers, lagoons and seas is so much fun! Mexico is the perfect place to practice kayaking and white water rafting. You can find places all over Mexico's territory. Below you will find featured places for Kayaking Mexico!

Kayaking Mexico Rivers

Papagayo River - Acapulco

Near Acapulco you can find the Papagayo river. The town to go is Tierra Colorada in the state of Guerrero which is about 40 miles Northeast of Acapulco. If you have limited experience or don't have equipment your best choice is to hire a tour in Acapulco. The place offers amazing vegetation as the river valley crosses the jungle. In this area you will find class I, II, and II plus rapids. You can practice kayaking, river rafting, and also mountain climbing and repelling.

Valles River - San Luis Potosi

In the center of Mexico you can find a region called La Huasteca. La Huasteca is a rain forest that covers parts of the states of San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas, Veracruz, and Hidalgo. Near Ciudad Valles in the east part of the state of San Luis Potosi there is the Valles River with clear waterfalls perfect for a different kayaking experience. The relatively calm waters allow you to practice waterfall drops. There are two places where to go for the adventure: Micos and El Salto.

Agua Azul River - Chiapas

Agua Azul falls are located in the southern state of Chiapas, 100 miles from San Cristobal de las Casas. After the rain season (December to February) there are class V rapids. In the dry season you can also kayak the calm waters and admire a turquoise blue river thanks to the limestone in the rock formations. Chiapas is the perfect place to have a direct encounter with nature and adventure.

Rafting in Mexico Rafting in Mexico*

Kayaking Mexico Beaches

In addition to river rafting, there are calm beaches and lagoons close to the coast that make a perfect sport adventure. Here are some of the best places for kayaking Mexico.


Mexico kayaking Kayaking in Mexico*

  • Playa San Francisco (San Francisco beach) located in the south of the island in the town of San Miguel. Not commercial but some activity going on. A true paradise!

  • Playa San Juan (San Juan beach) located very close to the hotel area. The beach is shallow and waves are low.

  • Ecological Reserve "Parque Punta Sur" (South end park) also located in the southern coast of the island 18 miles from the town of San Miguel. The park's lagoon is surrounded by mangroves, and diverse flora and fauna.


  • Playa Bonita (pretty beach) is located 8 km (5 miles) from the city, so is basically a beach with a truly local atmosphere. Equipment rental is available in the beach.

  • Riu Celestun Biosphere Reserve located 145 km (90 miles) from the city driving north by the coast. It is located in the gulf in the border with the state of Yucatan. Enjoy kayaking in a estuary where you can see hundreds of pink flamingos in its own habitat.


  • Playa Ventura is located 5 km (3 miles) from the city. Equipment rental is available in the beach.

  • Bahias de Organos and Bahias de Maguey located 2.5 km (1.5 miles)south of the town of Santa Cruz. Both of these bays have relaxing blue-green calm waters.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

  • Playa Linda (beautiful beach) is located 7 km (4 miles) west of Ixtapa. From this beach you can cross to Ixtapa Island. Local restaurants, craft market and a nature reserve are all in the area.

  • Barra del Potosi located 25 km (15 miles) east of Zihuatanejo. It has an unspoiled beach and a lagoon with a bird and wildlife sanctuary. The town has wonderful family operated sea food restaurants, small hotels and simple but elegant rental properties.


  • Bahia de Loreto Marine Park is located very close to the town of Loreto. It has close to 800 species inhabiting the Sea of Cortez. There are five close-by island that make a perfect kayaking experience. The best time to go is from October to December and from March to June when is not too hot and too cold.

  • Bahia Concepcion is located 97 km (60 miles) northwest of Loreto. In a kayak, you can hop between the many small islands in the area. There is no commercial infrastructure, just wonderful scenery. Although there will be RVs parked along the beach.

Los Cabos

  • El Medano is one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, and is located in the middle of Cabo San Lucas. Kayak rental is available in this beach. The Arch and the love beach are at padding distance.

  • Playa del Amor (love beach) and the Arch is the place where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet. The Arch is the icon of Los Cabos and is claimed to be the most romantic beach of Mexico. The only access to the beach is by water.

Puerto Vallarta

  • Playa Majahuitas (Majahuitas beach) is located 27 km (17 miles) Southwest of Puerto Vallarta. The beach is in a remote location only accessible by boat. There is a local hotel.

  • Sayulita is located 26 km (16 miles) northwest west of Puerto Vallarta. It is a picturesque fishing village with incredible beaches and a taste of rural Mexico.

  • Punta Mita is located 26 km (16 miles) northwest west of Puerto Vallarta very close to Sayulita. In Punta Mita there is a luxury hotel and golf course.

Riviera Maya

  • Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka'an is located 11 km (7 miles) North of Playa del Carmen. Kayak the wetlands in the reserve and admire birds and wonderful vegetation. Kayak tours and rental available.

  • Ecologic Park Tres Rios (Three Rivers) is located 11 km (7 miles) South of Playa del Carmen. The tropical jungle and mangroves will give you a unforgettable experience. There are three underground rivers that connect and create cenotes (hot springs). The park can be admired in kayak and also by horse or bike.

Mexico is a place with so many things to offer... we certainly hope that you find a unique perspective and a different way to admire the country's beauty while kayaking Mexico.

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