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Huatulco Mexico Travel Guide will provide you with info and advise to select this beautiful beach destination in your next Mexico vacation.

Huatulco Travel Guide - About

Huatulco is a beautiful beach location located in the state of Oaxaca in the Southern part of Mexico with beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

Huatulco has nine bays with calm crystalline waters. The area is protected and it has vast marine life and vegetation including Santa Cruz bay with beautiful coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Near Huatulco you will find the city of Oaxaca rich in culture and traditions.

Huatulco is a relatively new development that started with one secluded hotel and has now grown to a resort town. It is strategically located with the best weather for beach resorts.

The weather in Huatulco is humid with average temperatures around 30 ° C (mid 80s F) during the summer and around 25 ° C (mid 70s F) during the winter. The rainy season is from June to September although Huatulco only averages 40 days of rain per year.

Huatulco beach * Huatulco beach

Things to Do in Huatulco Mexico

Below we have gathered the top activities and places to visit in Huatulco Mexico:

  • Visit the nine unique bays that make Huatulco each with different sands and beach styles.

    • Bahia de Tangolunda with emerald water and calm waves; great hotels, shopping centers and a top-notch golf course.
    • Bahia de Chahue with tropical vegetation and rock formations; strong waves in Esperanza beach perfect for surfing.
    • Bahia de Cacaluta with deep water and big waves for surfing and wind surfing. Some areas have coarse sand so is a less popular beach.
    • Bahia Conejos is a beach town place with boating services, horseback riding, scuba and snorkeling equipment, and other beach amenities.
    • Bahia Riscalillo is 10 minutes away on boat with fine sand and moderate waves nice for swimming.
    • Bahia San Agustin with rocky islands is the ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling for its coral reefs near-by.
    • Bahia Santa Cruz with white sand, blue water, and an ecological reserve; excellent hotels and restaurants around.
    • Bahia de Chachacual is 30 minutes away on boat; ideal to enjoy nature with jungle vegetation and mangroves. The water is clear and warm.
    • Bahias de Organos and Maguey with fine white sand, perfect for beach side sports.

  • Surfing is popular in Huatulco because some of the beaches have high waves. Beaches in Huatulco will have equipment rental for you to enjoy surfing, wind surfing and other beach sports.

  • Scuba Diving is also common in Huatulco due to its coral reefs and clear waters. There a quite a few ideal beaches to practice scuba diving and also snorkeling. See the section on above for more info about the bays.

  • Kayaking and whitewater rafting. Kayaking is available in the beaches with calm waters, while white-water rafting is available in Rio Copalita 65km (40 miles) away from Huatulco. There are rapids for beginners and also some class III and IV rapids for more experienced rafters.

  • Crafts shopping is typical in Mexican towns and Huatulco is no exception. The state of Oaxaca has some unique and nifty craft designs. The typical Oaxacan crafts are black pottery, wool garments, and "alebriges" (colorful wooden figures).

  • Boating and sport fishing are popular activities. In this area, you will find ideal waters to catch marlin and tuna.

  • Hiking, biking or exploring around the Huatulco's bays is such an experience thanks to the jungle, and vast natural wonders.

  • One of your options is to visit the city of Oaxaca, capital of the state of the same name 145 km (90 miles) away. The city is rich in culture with near-by major archeological sites from the Mixtec and Zapotec indigenous cultures. (i.e. the ancient cities of Monte Alban and Mitla)

Huatulco Bays Nightlife, Dinning and Gastronomy

In Huatulco, there are very nice places where to spend the evening. With the expansion of resorts in the area, there are multiple places with all kinds of music. The popular discos and bars change all the time, so ask your hotel concierge or the locals for the "current" place.

The food in Huatulco, and in general in the state of Oaxaca, is influenced by old traditions of the indigenous cultures who populated this area. It is a truly an experience of Mexican flavors. Typical dishes are mole oaxaqueño, mezcal shrimp and other excellent sea food dishes.

In Oaxaca you can find the popular mezcal which is an alcoholic beverage made of Maguey, the same cactus from which tequila is made. The difference is the distillation that Tequila goes through and the region of Mexico where is produced.

How to Get and Move Around in Huatulco Mexico!

Huatulco receives regularly scheduled flights from major cities in Mexico, and from a selected number of hubs in the US.

Huatulco is usually a destination preferred when you want to enjoy the sun and sand. You can move in Taxi or public transportation to move around the city and nearby places. You only need to rent a car if you want to drive farther and want total freedom from tour operators, go far from the city limits like going to the city of Oaxaca.

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Where to Stay in Huatulco Mexico

In Huatulco Mexico you will find amazing five star resorts, all inclusive resorts, adult only places or budget accommodations. The choice is yours

Find here our all inclusive hotel guide.

Huatulco Mexico is a great beach destination thanks to superb resorts, variety of beaches with nine bays, and vast natural wonders.

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