Facts About Mexico for Your Vacation

This page covers facts about Mexico, always useful during your vacation.

Political Facts

  • Mexico's official name is The United Mexican States.

  • Mexico is a republic, whose government is representative and democratic according to the Mexican constitution proclaimed in 1917. By the way, Mexicans celebrate the proclamation of the constitution on the 5th of February with a holiday.

  • Mexico has 31 states and a Federal District (Mexico City).

  • Mexico State Division Mexico State Division

  • There are three branches of government: Legislature with a bicameral congress, the Executive who is the head of the state or President and the Judiciary who is the supreme court of justice.

  • The Current President is Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, elected in 2006. His term will end in 2012. There is no re-election in Mexico of any kind as a legacy of the Mexican Revolution.

Demographic Facts

  • Mexico is the 15th largest country in terms of territory with close to 2 million square kilometers (1,972,550 square km)

  • Mexico is the 11th largest country by population with over $103 million people in the last count (2005) according to the Mexican Statistics and Geography Institute INEGI. This makes Mexico, the most populous Spanish speaking country.

  • Mexico's predominant religion is Catholicism having 88% of the population as followers. However, government does not support any religion and education is laic.

  • It is ranked 13th on GDP with more than $1.085 billion, and ranked 48th in GDP per capita with $10,232 according to the World Bank (2008).

Historic Facts About Mexico

  • Mexico's Independence movement started the 16th of September 1810 and Independence was declared on the 27th of September 1821.

  • The Mexican Revolution started the 20th of November of 2010 with Francisco I Madero and it concluded with the proclamation of the current constitution on the 5th of February 1917 with Venustiano Carranza as President.

  • In 2010, Mexico will celebrate its 200th anniversary of the start of the independence movement and the 100 anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution. The government has planned celebrations and events during year. Keep in tuned for more info!

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