Looking for cheap Mexican vacations?
Here is the place to start!

To find affordability there are a few searches you can do in the Internet to find cheap Mexican vacations (listed below). Once you have checked this handful of sites, it will be difficult to make major improvements to the price of your vacation, unless you are willing to go down in quality and/or service.

If you still want to bring the price of your vacation down, you have a few choices. Here are a few things to consider:

  • You can save a good amount of money by staying in one, two or three star hotels. Three star hotels in Mexico are clean and well maintained. However, you will not get any luxury.

  • If you are going to the beach, you can also find lower prices in a hotel without a beach front. Many hotels in a beach destination are very close from a public beach. In reality beaches in Mexico are all public, but hotels have the right to manage the part of the beach directly in front of their properties. This means that they can have chairs and umbrellas for their hosts. In a "public beach" you will find chairs and umbrellas being leased. You are allowed to bring your own or just lay on the sand for free.

  • Get a suite with a sink and stove and save on restaurants.

  • Eat in town where you can find reasonable price restaurants.

  • Save on the flight price by booking off season.

  • Buy a vacation package. They get travel operators get good rates from hotels for their volume.

  • There are Cheap all-inclusive hotels which are a good deal because it stops you from going over our budget.

Here are Internet resources you can use when looking for Cheap Mexican Vacations:

  • Hotwire.com: They have really good deals on hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacation packages, because they have agreements to sell undersold rooms and seats. They work a little different than any other travel agency because they do not show you the name or exact location until you buy based on star ratings. They are usually pretty accurate in terms of ratings!

  • Check a travel agent on the internet. You won't find a lot of difference between them but is worth checking because sometimes tickets are blocked by a particular agency. If you do find a significant lower price, buy right away because it will not last. Expedia.com is the one I like to check.

  • Check the hotel or airline website itself. Some hotels and also some airlines offer their lowest rates on their own website. Do this step last otherwise you could spend hours in dozens of hotels sites.

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