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This page will provide you with car insurance Mexican rental information with practical suggestions.

Renting a car in Mexico is a way of exploring the many places that Mexico has to offer at your own leisure.

Mexico Car Rental Suggestions

  • Do not rent a car when traveling to Mexico City unless you know what you are doing. Public transportation is good, and you can always take a taxi de sitio (These are the taxis that have a base on street corners or hotels). Traffic in Mexico City is very heavy and people drive much more aggressive than in the rest of the country. Additionally, maps and signaling is not as straight forward as it is in Europe or the US.

  • Do not rent a car when going to the beach because hotels will have options to take you to tours or you can always take a taxi. Only rent a car if you want to travel to nearby towns and take your own time to explore.

  • Do not rent a car if you plan to stay in a colonial town, because those culture towns are explored best by foot.

  • Only rent a car for traveling between towns when you have the intention of visiting a number of places in a relative short period of time. You can use a car to follow a typical route and ride between mexico culture towns.

Mexico Rental Car Insurance

All insurance companies will offer you some kind of insurance. But before we go into some of the options you will have, remember to check for coverage that you already have:

  • Credit Card companies. It is a good idea to have a credit card that offers insurance coverage when renting a car, it can save you money. Be sure to check what is covered and what is not covered. I have seen some cases in which they cover the rental car and other cases where they cover third party liability only. Also, some credit cards will only cover after a primary insurance has been fulfilled. One last thing to check is specific country exceptions (make sure Mexico is not in their exception list), and length permitted (usually 30 days maximum).

  • Your home country own car's insurance may already cover some of the expenses. This will vary greatly so make sure to check!

Here are the typical insurance options and the approximate cost, that:

  • CDW Colision Damage Waiver (Seguro de Colisión de Daños)
    This insurance will cover the rental car itself for damage or theft. Typically around US$15 per day.
  • PAI Personal Accident Insurance (Gastos Médicos Personales)
    It will cover for medical costs of passengers as a result of an incident with the car up to the amount contracted. Typically around US$5 per day.
  • DP Deductible Protection
    This is an additional protection to eliminate the need of a deductible. Typically around US$5 per day.
  • TPL Third Party Liability (Daños a terceros) It covers others vehicles or property in case of an accident. This is usually a most unless covered by some other means. Typically around US$10 per day.

Car Insurance Mexican Rental Recommendations

Mexico Roads Mexico Roads*

  • Remember that insurance companies have very specific contracts, and will not cover damages in case the driver has been deliberately negligent or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • When renting a car in Mexico you will find the international car rental companies and also the local companies. Local companies are safe, just make sure to take the time to read through the coverage options and the contract you are signing.

  • When driving in Mexico please be aware that driving habits are different and considered aggressive. For example when driving in a two way road, a car coming may pass and force you to drive in the shoulder.

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