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Campeche Mexico Travel Guide will provide you with info and advise to select this colonial walled city as a destination in your next Mexico vacation.

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Campeche is a beautiful historic city, capital of the state of the same name. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico in the South part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Campeche has been a commercial port since colonial times and before during the Mayan empire. During the Spanish occupation, it was one of the main routes to ship gold and silver back to the old world (Europe). The Spanish built bulwarks and walls between them to protect themselves from pirate attacks. Today there is not much left of the walls but most of the bulwarks still remain up.

Campeche is famous for its Historic Center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its history and architecture. Campeche is a picturesque city with colonial buildings, narrow streets, bulwarks and haciendas near-by. Haciendas were stunning houses of wealthy merchants that today have been restored and serve as attractions.

Campeche has a hot and very humid climate. Its location by the coast and close to a jungle just makes it that way. The average high temperature in the summer stay in the low 30 Celsius (around 90 Fahrenheit) and the average low temperature is around 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). During the autumn and winter all Gulf and Caribbean destinations may occasionally have cool winds from the North called nortes.

Campeche San Miguel Fort * Campeche San Miguel Fort

Things to Do in Campeche Mexico

There are many things to do in Campeche. Below we have gathered the top activities and places to visit:

  • Here are the bulwarks which some host a variety of expositions :

    • Baluarte de Nuestra SeƱora de la Soledad with a Museum: Museo de Estelas Maya. Here you can see Mayan artifacts, and see remains of the original wall.
    • Baluarte de Santiago with a botanical garden: "Xmuch Haltun" and the original door from colonial times.
    • Baluarte de San Pedro with a local crafts center. Close by you can see the Land Gate (Puerta de Tierra) with its original construction.
    • Baluarte de San Carlos has another Museum: Museo de la Ciudad (city museum) with a view to the sea from the top.
    • Baluarte de San Francisco with a wonderful view from the roof.
    • Baluarte de San Juan
    • Baluarte de Santa Rosa
  • Visit the forts of San Miguel and San Jose El Alto impressive fortifications.

  • The Cathedral of Campeche next to the main plaza. There are two chapels Jesus Nazareno y La Española and a clock facing the sea.

  • Visit the archeological zone of Edzna, one of the most advanced Mayan cities of its time. There is a striking construction Templo Palacio (Temple Palace) with five levels, and a construction at the top. It is located 60 km (37 miles) Southeast of Campeche.

  • Explore Ria Celestun Biosphere Reserve. It has one of the largest mangroves in the Gulf of Mexico coast with incredible animal species. It is the breeding grounds for the pink flamingo and the hawksbill turtle. There are manatees, octopuses, seagulls, white herons and wild cats among other animal species.

  • There are some nice beaches close to the city of Campeche where to enjoy the sea, nature and great food. Here is some guidance: Playa Bonita is the closest beach located 8 km (5 miles) South. Punta Seybaplaya located 29 km (18 miles) South. Punta Xen located 62 km (38 miles) South.

  • Visit other cities and touristic destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula and Southern Mexico. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are about 350 Km (560 miles) East. Merida is 150 km (94 miles) Northeast.

Campeche Nightlife, Dinning and Gastronomy

In Campeche Mexico, you will have choices where to spend the evening. A lot of the activity happens in the downtown area. There are folkloric dances in the Historic Center at 8:00PM. You can also find all kinds of atmospheres, from bohemian and pop, to tropical and electronic.

The food in Campeche is a mix of Spanish and Mayan influences. For its closeness to the coast, seafood is popular and appetizing. Dishes with shark and shrimp are typical. Some examples are: coconut shrimp, pan de cazon (shark bake with tortilla, beans and salsa), shark stuffed chilies.

How to Get and Move Around in Campeche Mexico!

Campeche receives regularly scheduled flights from major cities in Mexico, and from Houston, TX.

Campeche is usually a destination when traveling in the Yucatan Peninsula and Southern Mexico so you can reach it by car or bus from Merida, Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are about 350 Km (560 miles) East. Merida is 150 km (94 miles) Northeast.

To move around in the city and nearby places we recommend to take taxis or rent a car. Taxis are relatively inexpensive. Renting a car is a good idea because you will most likely want to move around and go to other places. The best way to get around is to look for signals and get directions from somebody.

Map of Campeche Mexico

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Where to Stay in Campeche Mexico

In Campeche you will find anything from five star hotels to budget accommodation, but it will not have the huge beach type resorts. The choice is yours depending on your budget and travel preferences.

Stay in one of Campeche's beautiful Haciendas. Here are some of the most famous:
  • Hacienda Puerta Campeche now a hotel made up of a group of 17 century houses. It is located near the monument of Puerta de Tierra (Land Gate).
  • Hacienda de Uayamon was one of Campeche's most important haciendas. Today, is a luxury hotel, on the original building. It is located in the town of Uayamon.
  • Hacienda Blanca Flor is one of the oldest haciendas. Located in Hecelchakan, 63 km (39 mi) North of Campeche.

Campeche Mexico is a wonderful colonial destination in Mexico thanks to its architecture, history, sea side atmosphere and proximity to many other attractions.

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