Bus Travel to Mexico and Mexico Bus Travel

Bus Travel to Mexico is an affordable and practical option when going between the US and Mexico. There are itineraries between major cities in the US and popular cities and towns in Northern Mexico.

Within Mexico bus travel is also possible with different levels of comfort and class. Traveling by bus is convenient because there are so many schedules, and destinations, and there is no need to reserve far in advanced.

Bus Travel to Mexico

The companies offering bus travel to Mexico between cities and towns in Mexico and the US are:

  • Greyhound Mexico who is a subsidiary of Greyhound Lines. The Greyhound website can be used to reserve your ticket for bus travel to Mexico, but most people just arrive a few minutes before departure to buy their tickets. Greyhound and its subsidiaries have an agreement with one of the largest bus companies in Mexico, Grupo Estrella Blanca. Here are the two bus lines that belong to this company:
    • Autobuses Americanos offering service between Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Laredo TX, San Antonio TX, Houston TX, Austin TX and Dallas TX, as well as other towns in route.

    • Crucero USA offering service between Los Angeles CA, Hermosillo, Tijuana, Baja California, Nogales, Sonora, Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ and Glendale AZ, as well as other towns in route.

  • For information or to buy tickets from Greyhound call 1-800-231-2222 in the US and 01-800-714-96-07 for Autobuses Americanos in Mexico.

  • Grupo Senda is a major player of bus transportation in North, Northeast and Central Mexico, as well as bus travel to Mexico from the US.

    Turimex Internacional bus Turimex Internacional bus*

    The line it uses for service to Mexico is:

    • Turimex Internacional offering services between Monterrey, Laredo,

    For information or to buy tickets from Grupo Senda call 1-800-733-7330 in the US and 01-800-890-9090 in Mexico.

Mexico Bus Travel

Mexico bus travel is well developed and there are many options. There are frequent schedules, several bus companies offering the same routes and service levels that meet your budget and comfort requirements.

Mexico Bus Travel Companies

There are many companies that offer bus transportation services in Mexico and most of them cover a region of Mexico only.

Mexico Acapulco Highway Mexico Acapulco Highway*

Most people in Mexico will not buy tickets far in advance since there are many schedule options. However, in high season or during popular dates, it can be difficult to find a convenient ticket. Today with computer systems, it is possible to buy tickets on the phone or over the Internet in advance.

The largest bus companies, bus lines, and class of service are:

  • Grupo Estrella Blanca covers main cities and towns in 27 of the 31 states in the country. It basically covers all of Mexico except the state of Baja California Sur and the states in the South and in the Yucatan Peninsula. It operates the following lines:

    • Futura Plus. Luxury Service
    • Futura. First Class
    • Transportes Chihuahuenses. First Class
    • Elite. First Class
    • Oriente. Second Class
    • Transportes Frontera. Second Class
    • Pacifico. Second Class
    • Norte de Sonora. Second Class
  • Grupo Senda covers towns and cities all over Mexico. It operates the following lines:

    • Ave Ejecutiva. Luxury Service
    • Coahuilenses Plus. Luxury/First Class
    • Coahuilenses. First Class
    • Transportes del Norte. First Class
    • Turimex Internacional. First Class
    • Sendor. Second Class
  • Enlaces Terrestres Nacionals ETN / Turistar covers main cities in Mexico with direct services.

    • ETN. Luxury Service
    • Turistar. Luxury Service
  • Omnibus de Mexico cover the entire country except the South, the Yucatan Peninsula and the Baja California states

  • ADO cover the entire country with their First Class buses.

Mexico Bus Travel Class Level

Mexico luxury bus seat Mexico luxury bus seat*

  • Luxury service makes a real comfort difference and is much better than any other bus travel service that you can have in Europe or in the US. The newest buses have individual entertainment systems on board. The older buses will have common monitors to display movies. They have two comfort seats on one side and another comfort seat on the other side of the isle (normally buses will have 4 seats in each row while luxury seats only have three seats across). Also the seats allow you to lay down and get your feet up. All their runs are without stops.

  • First Class service is offered between major cities in Mexico and seats are relatively comfortable with clean and newer buses. The runs are mostly direct unless a stop or tow are specified. All seats are reserved, and buses have velocity controlled systems.

  • Second Class service is offered between major cities and also between towns. Seats may not be reserved and people may end up traveling standing up. The condition of the buses is not optimal, and they will make frequent stops so your journey will for sure take longer.

  • Third Class buses will be older. They make multiple stops between destinations and people will be traveling between ejidos and standing up or with their things between their legs. They usually belong to smaller bus companies.

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