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Are you looking for an adventure travel Mexico vacation? There is so much variety of geography in Mexico that you will find any imaginable activity. Mexico has spectacular mountain ranges, canyons, amazing forests and jungles, all with a vast variety of flora and fauna. There are also, small towns with a unique and mystical history.

Here are some of your options for an adventure travel Mexico experience:

Sports - Adventure Travel Mexico

Sports make an intense adventure and there are plenty places where to practice. Coastal waters in Mexico, rivers and lagoons all make the scene for you to enjoy your favorite sport. Sports can be practiced close to the most popular beach vacation destinations although you can also find great adventure sports in inner Mexico. For example you can scuba dive in a lagoon called "La Media Luna" (The Half Moon) near La Huasteca rain forest or you can practice kayaking in Veracruz near the Gulf of Mexico with class III and IV rapids.

Here are some more details and where to find these top sport adventures.

Nature - Adventure Travel Mexico

Find out why Mexico is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. This type of experiences give you the opportunity to be in contact with nature to the maximum.

Here are some recommendations and their location.

  • The Copper Canyon can be admired in a comfortable train ride from the city of Chihuahua in the northern Mexican state of the same name to Los Mochis in the state of Sinaloa by the Cortez Sea.

  • Sumidero Canyon and Jungle can be admired in the southern state of Chiapas by Guatemala. The national park in the middle of the jungle provides the visitor with amazing vegetation and wild life.

  • La Huasteca is a rain forest region that covers the states of San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Hidalgo. There are many places to visit within La Huasteca with waterfalls and mountains that provided an superb scenery.

  • Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is a protected area. A small ecotourism and education center near the Mayan ruins of Tulum. It is an excellent adventure trip from your vacation in the Caribbean.

  • X-Caret is an eco-park in the Mayan Riviera where you can enjoy sink holes and underground rivers among other things. There is also a well developed entertainment park with dolphins experience.

  • El Cielo Biosphere Reserve is a ecosystem on its own in the state of Tamaulipas located in the northeast part of Mexico. You will go from a tropical climate to a template climate in less than 15 miles.

Magic Towns - Adventure Travel Mexico

Magic towns are a different kind of experience. They represent Mexico’s traditional way of life, and history. They keep the rich authentic Mexican culture built through the years from pre-Hispanic times to the colonization by the Spanish.

  • Real de Catorce is truly a mystical place, a ghost town like some say. The place was originally a silver town founded at the end of the XVIII century. You can visit the church, cemetery, or take a hike in the semi-dessert. The town receives hundreds of visitors a year so hotels are clean and comfortable (do not expect five stars though...this is the adventure travel section) and restaurants serve excellent food. It is located in the center of Mexico in the state of San Luis Potosi.

  • Tequila is a town located in the state of Jalisco about 40 miles from the city of Guadalajara. It gives the name to the world famous origin denominated drink: Tequila. Among the most popular things to do, you can have a tour in a distillery nearby.

  • Dolores Hidalgo is the place where the priest Miguel Hidalgo screamed for Mexico's independence on the early morning of the 16 of September 1810. Dolores is colorful town, with monumental historic buildings. You can also shop for pottery as it now one of its main activities.

  • Izamal is a town in the Yucatan peninsula in the state of the same name. It is home to the biggest open atrium in Latin-America with beautiful arches delimiting the atrium from the convent. You can find Mayan ruins to enhance your Mayan culture experience.

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