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The editors of Amazing Mexico Vacations!

Hello! Karla and Jorge here. About us? We are a Mexican family of four (including two amazing kids 6 and 1 years old) that has lived in Europe, Mexico and in the US during the last 8 years.

One of the things that we are always asked is what is the best spot in Mexico for a vacation, and we always say that it depends. It depends on what you want. This is why, we are now putting together this site, to give our friends, and the friends of our friends and everyone going to Mexico, more details to really find your perfect and Amazing Mexico Vacation.

We have visited many of the places in this site, and other places have been visited by friends who share their adventures and recommendations. When building the site, we take our experiences and our friends advice to write articles, and complement them with information from the local government sites. Now we are gathering opinions from people all around the world like you to make it even more complete.

We really hope you find in Mexico a dream vacation. Best of luck and happy vacationing!

Karla y Jorge.

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