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Mexico has so many things to offer: from white sandy beaches, to rain forest adventure travel and from archeological sites, to colonial cities.

Los Cabos Arch and Love Beach Los Cabos Arch and Love Beach

If you want a cultural trip, you will find Mexico is a place filled with history, beautiful architecture, impressive churches and monuments. Walk in the low light illuminated streets in San Miguel de Allende or find the "kiss alley" in Guanajuato.

If you want to relax at the side of the ocean you can choose between the turquoise water beaches in the Caribbean to a deep blue ocean in the Pacific. There are amazing beach resorts with top touristic attractions and a fun nightlife, and there is also the secluded beaches that make a perfect romantic scene. We like both atmospheres, so we love places like Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel.

In addition to the wonderful scenes, top-notch resorts, and variety of resorts, what makes Mexico such a wonderful place to visit is the hospitality of its people.

Amazing Mexico Vacations is a Mexico travel guide that will give you tips and advice to select your perfect Mexico destination. This is a guide of the famous, and the not so famous places around Mexico, and is also about Mexico's customs and traditions. Our ultimate purpose is to share with you information to make Mexico your favorite vacation place.

We have prepared detailed guides that provide useful information for your trip such as things to do, nightlife, how to get there, and how to move around. In summary, in this site you will find everything to plan your perfect vacation. We are constantly adding places, and we also have our site open for you to share your experiences.

We hope you enjoy our site and most of it all, we hope you enjoy your trip to Mexico! Happy vacationing!

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